Humans use energy for more than just electricity — these needs can best be met by nuclear power

AUSUK Had to happen — but France could have been kept in the loop

Credit: Author’s creation using shapes from

You may not realize it, but the old gods still form a large part of life in the 21st century

Posiden — God of the Sea || Source:

Rare earths are required for all modern electronics — the global community cannot rely solely on China to meet these needs

17 elements, including the 15 lanthanites are counted as rare earths || Image Credit:

Right in the middle of the world’s most populated Muslim country — lies Bali, a Hindu majority island. How Is This So?

While they may be “Anglo-Saxon passing”, they’ll likely carry traces of the “old country” in their accent

Kesh Anand

History || Current Affairs & Society || Futurism

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