Life is too short for organics to be roaming the universe

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The Universe is a big place.

With billions of galaxies each filled with further billions of planets — it is certain that there are other forms of life out there.

Though we have been searching for extraterrestrial life for many decades, that will only really result in detecting them and possibly communicating with them.

Actually meeting an alien is a very different thing altogether.

Any alien we meet in the flesh is likely to be made of anything but. They will almost certainly be some sort of artificial lifeform.

It is logical when you consider the following:

Any biological species…

Cancel culture helps bring the elites to account but with great power, comes great responsibility

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Credit: Taylor Callery via TIME

The term Cancel Culture is trending all over the airwaves and social media feeds these days.

Some people a vehemently against it, many are for it, with still others questioning if it even exists.

But what exactly is it, and is it good or bad? Let’s look at these questions and more below.

What Is Cancel Culture?

Cancelling someone or something is the act of de-platforming or otherwise gagging them — thereby restricting the spread of their ideas or legitimisation of their behaviour.

At one end of the spectrum, it can simply be censuring them (by their employers, sponsors and other associates). …

It turns out these nations have a lot more value than most people realise

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If you are a regular reader of world news — you’ll often see articles about United States, China, Australia, as well as other great and middle powers lavishing inordinate amounts of attention and money upon tiny island nations.

At first, it seems odd because these countries could easily use these funds to benefit their own people domestically.

Why should one country’s taxes go toward investing in completely foreign ones?

Why would China with the world’s largest population, the second-largest economy, and third largest land area bother spending millions on somewhere like Kiribati which is an island nation somewhere in the…

The 60s had peace and free-love; 70s had disco, the 80s had spandex, but what defined the 90s?

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Credit: Thoughtco

Think of the 70s and you’ll probably think immediately of flairs; disco and The Godfather Movies.

Imagine the 80s and you’ll no doubt conjure up images of Star Wars, Michael Jackson and Madonna’s chart-dominating tunes (no doubt listened to on a walkman), and everyone clad in either spandex or acid-washed jeans.

But what about the 90s? They ended nearly a generation ago and we still haven’t got a clear view of what typified the decade.

Well, dear reader — now is that time. Let’s have a go at defining the 90s generation:

This decade saw CGI heavy blockbuster films like…

As age reversal sciences approach major breakthroughs; we need to start planning for how to live in a world of immortals

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“Nothing is certain, except for death and taxes” goes the famous quip.

Although — technically, there are quite a few countries (including several in the Middle East) where taxes aren’t really a thing.

Death, however, has been the great leveller from time immemorial. It ravages all — from the mightiest kings to the lowliest peasants.

That might not be the case going forward, however. An increasing number of scientists envision the human lifespan becoming indefinite; with some going so far as to say key breakthroughs for this are just a couple of decades away.

Now it is all very well…

Before the end — there came the beginning of the end

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History is littered with dates.

Start dates and end dates. Of people…and of Empires.

History is rarely so clean-cut though. In most cases — before the final flame on an empire was extinguished, it would have been terminally ill for a long time.

Below we consider when it was that 5 of history’s great empires crossed their Rubicon — after which point there was no way their fortunes could be turned around.

#5: Spanish Empire: 1808AD— Napoleon’s coup of the Spanish throne

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Kamala Harris made history in recent months; becoming the first woman to be elected as Vice President Of the United States — and the first one of colour to boot!

That’s an astonishing accomplishment, but she may well have a lot more history to make yet.

Attaining The Highest Office In The Land

Joe Biden has just become the oldest ever person elected to the Presidency.

Ascending at the age of 78 means he would be 82 going into his second term, and 86 when finishing it. It is extremely likely that he will not serve out his full term.

There is also a real possibility that…

American innovation is built on the back of inequality but trickles-down to lift everyone’s living standards

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America has the most powerful economy the world has ever seen — which at ~$21 trillion is larger than the second and third largest (Chinese and Japanese) economies combined!

It is a world leader in innovation — taking the #1 spot in both patent activity and share of high tech companies.

The result of this innovation is an uplift in standards for everyone across the globe. When America births an iPhone, an Amazon, or a Netflix — we, the citizens of the world over benefit.

Not equally of course. Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs would have a much healthier bank…

A president’s term might only be four years, but their actions will reverberate for decades

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When Trump was first elected President — I remember there being discussion in some circles around “the President himself doesn’t make that large a difference to running the country; the big decisions and show is mostly run by the bureaucrats and functionaries surrounding him.”

This has undeniably been proven wrong.

Under Trump; America has been set back decades in many ways. Here are three of them:

#1: Hollowed out Key Government Agencies.

Will the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan lead to another Syria-style war?

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Somewhere between Europe and Asia lies a country — led by an authoritarian dictator and a ruling class hailing from the Shia Muslim community.

Here lies a country which forms a crucial link in an oil pipeline that feeds through to Europe.

Here lies a country with large portions of land occupied by hostile neighbours.

Here lies a country forming the front of an emerging proxy war — with Turkey supporting one side, and Russia the other.

No, we’re not talking about Syria. We’re talking about Azerbaijan

How did we get here?

From time immemorial — people lived under governments whose right to rule them…

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