You are on a journey, paving the way for those who come after us — what message your wisdom would you convey to them?

I read a short story the other week about a group of humans fleeing earth after some calamity.

Their journey was a long one —spanning 100 generations. Those who were around at the start would have long since turned to dust by its end.

While they themselves would not see…

In the age of #MeToo and Cancel Culture — we need to ensure we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

For the first time in centuries we, the people, are bringing the powerful to account.

Abusers, racists and others guilty of crimes or otherwise unacceptable behaviour are being cancelled.

But what then, should happen to their creative works?

Is it still okay to enjoy the fruits of their labours? Or…

Humans use energy for more than just electricity — these needs can best be met by nuclear power

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of decades — you’ll be aware that human-driven climate change is leading us to an ecological catastrophe.

To avert this, we must remove our reliance on fossil fuels.


This cannot be done by renewables alone.

While hydro and…

AUSUK Had to happen — but France could have been kept in the loop

Shockwaves were sent around the diplomatic world this week when Australia announced it would be ditching a $90Bn deal with France to build a new generation of submarines.

Instead, Canberra announced, we would be jumping into bed with the US and UK.

The French were caught completely unawares.

It’s one…

You may not realize it, but the old gods still form a large part of life in the 21st century

The Greek Gods reigned supreme in the lives of the ancients for a millennium.

Once the Roman Empire embraced Christianity though, the fates of Jupiter and his family were dealt a mortal blow.

With the end of pagan practices in the early 600s, you’d think that their cultural relevance was…

Rare earths are required for all modern electronics — the global community cannot rely solely on China to meet these needs

Life in the 21st century relies upon electronics.

Smart phones, electric cars, computers, and colour TVs all form a major part of our day to day existence.

It’s not just consumers and office workers either — our military forces too use them in a myriad of different applications — from…

Right in the middle of the world’s most populated Muslim country — lies Bali, a Hindu majority island. How Is This So?

Sitting on the equator, nestled between the Indian and Pacific oceans lies Indonesia — the world’s most populous Muslim majority nation.

In the center of this archipelago, lies Bali, which quite literally an island of Hinduism in a Sea of Islam.

How is it so that in a nation of…

Kesh Anand

History || Current Affairs & Society || Futurism

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