You may not realize it, but the old gods still form a large part of life in the 21st century

Posiden — God of the Sea || Source:

#1: Days of the Week

If you are like most people stuck in the rat race, you look…

Rare earths are required for all modern electronics — the global community cannot rely solely on China to meet these needs

17 elements, including the 15 lanthanites are counted as rare earths || Image Credit:

Why is this a problem?

With 80% of global market share, China can easily throw a spanner into global supply…

With 1.4 Billion people — you’d think they could do better


Right in the middle of the world’s most populated Muslim country — lies Bali, a Hindu majority island. How Is This So?

  • Not all who profess to be Muslim follow it “to the letter” or are fervent

History isn’t something that’s come and gone — it’s something you’re experiencing right now

  • How did the Great Depression impact your life?
  • What was the mood like the day Mahatma Gandhi was killed?

What we don’t often realise is — we too, are living through many historically significant events

Events that people will reference and study for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years to come.

While they may be “Anglo-Saxon passing”, they’ll likely carry traces of the “old country” in their accent

Religion is not just a faith, but also a tribe and set of philosophies

While most languages emerge as they slowly drift apart; these two took deliberate steps away from each other

Credit: Kambliyil via Wikimedia commons

While the people suffer — Netanyahu, Bibi and Hamas come out ahead

#1: Benjamin Netanyahu — Israeli Prime Minister

Despite being considered a demi-god, the Japanese Emperor lost effective power — but was never formally deposed

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An observer of history, human development, geopolitics, society, and the future

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