Reflections On My Second Year On Medium

One’s journey in life should involve not just living it from day to day, but also reflecting upon it. To take stock; celebrate the highlights, and learn from the lows.

With this week marking my second year writing on Medium; I thought I’d continue the tradition by sharing my thoughts of my journey here.

I mean, companies publish annual reports — why can’t I?

With that in mind, below are my key observations and takeaways from the year just gone.

  1. I published 30 articles — bringing my total to 85. After a relatively gruelling schedule of publishing articles in my first year; I moved to a fortnight cadence to help ensure that I continued to write regularly, but not so much that it became a chore (given my other responsibilities)
  2. Despite the reduced frequency with which I posted, they cumulatively now had ~165,000 views. This is, to me, mind-blowing. When I first set out, I wondered if I’d even get one view given some of the esoteric topics I may write about. This wouldn’t have been possible without the platform
  3. I was curated 15/30 times; including once in the “featured stories” section on the Medium main page. This was a much better ratio than last year. I found that one way to get featured was to write about topics trending in the news — not a surprising pattern but a somewhat reliable one
  4. The read rate on my articles is at around 38%; only marginally lower than last year.
  5. People have started reaching out to me to get my input on certain topics. For instance, I did an hour-long interview on a satellite TV show, and also had a discussion with an audio journalist on the other side of the world in relation to one of my posts.
  6. I have created an index post to which I can direct people who are new to my work. It provides a memorable URL wherein they can find my content indexed by topic
  7. My first year saw me get to about 360 followers. After halving my writing frequency, my second year has seen me get to around 610.
  8. Many articles I posted that either didn’t do well at the outset or died down appear to have been rediscovered by audiences much later and doing quite well
  9. The platform appears to be growing, with many of the publications I write for multiplying in size. This has generally been good for me — although some have evolved their policies and practices in ways that haven’t been great
  10. I did an experiment to see how effective Twitter was as a channel. After 28 days of tweeting 3x a day (one per day pointed to an article of mine); I received around 7,000 impressions (a near 1700% increase); about 37 visits to my Twitter profile and 13 mentions. Zero new Twitter followers even though I got a few mentions and retweets — including by some people with ~2.5K followers. In summary, Twitter seemed to be a little too much effort for the return.

Over the next year, I intend to continue writing on the platform — but again; the frequency may drop a little to allow me to also focus more on writing fiction. I may also start publishing on topics related to my day job — perhaps through LinkedIn.

We’ll see how that goes.

Thanks for sticking with me.


Sydney, Australia — March 2021.

An observer of history, human development, geopolitics, society, and the future

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