When You Venture Overseas, Are You a Tourist, a Traveller or Something Else?

Four people visiting the same country can have very different experiences depending on their attitude to the sojourn

In this modern world of cheap and safe flights, many people venture outside of their home towns for holidays or life experiences.

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When you’re being a tourist, you head to a destination that happens to be overseas. The experience however largely involves trying to recreate the creature comforts of home — but with better weather.

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When being a traveller, you try to experience the country you’re visiting on its own terms.

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Unlike the above two types who are effectively taking time out from their daily grind, expats establish a routine in the new place — but with a clear view that it is not forever. Perhaps you’ve moved to Buenos Aires for a few months to learn Spanish, have moved to San Francisco to go to college, or are on a work project in New Zealand.

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Semi-permanent migrants

You have come to a new place and will be there for the foreseeable future.

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