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Kamala Harris made history in recent months; becoming the first woman to be elected as Vice President Of the United States — and the first one of colour to boot!

That’s an astonishing accomplishment, but she may well have a lot more history to make yet.

Attaining The Highest Office In The Land

Joe Biden has just become the oldest ever person elected to the Presidency.

Ascending at the age of 78 means he would be 82 going into his second term, and 86 when finishing it. It is extremely likely that he will not serve out his full term.

There is also a real possibility that Trump will run again in 2024. …

American innovation is built on the back of inequality but trickles-down to lift everyone’s living standards

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America has the most powerful economy the world has ever seen — which at ~$21 trillion is larger than the second and third largest (Chinese and Japanese) economies combined!

It is a world leader in innovation — taking the #1 spot in both patent activity and share of high tech companies.

The result of this innovation is an uplift in standards for everyone across the globe. When America births an iPhone, an Amazon, or a Netflix — we, the citizens of the world over benefit.

Not equally of course. Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs would have a much healthier bank account than you dear reader. …

A president’s term might only be four years, but their actions will reverberate for decades

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When Trump was first elected President — I remember there being discussion in some circles around “the President himself doesn’t make that large a difference to running the country; the big decisions and show is mostly run by the bureaucrats and functionaries surrounding him.”

This has undeniably been proven wrong.

Under Trump; America has been set back decades in many ways. Here are three of them:

#1: Hollowed out Key Government Agencies.

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Many government agencies are typically staffed by highly skilled and experienced people.

For example, diplomats, national security specialists, and public health experts take decades to train.

Under the Trump administration; these agencies have had a great many people dismissed, and with their roles either being left vacant or filled with Trump-loyalists rather than those who’re most fit for the job. …

Will the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan lead to another Syria-style war?

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Somewhere between Europe and Asia lies a country — led by an authoritarian dictator and a ruling class hailing from the Shia Muslim community.

Here lies a country which forms a crucial link in an oil pipeline that feeds through to Europe.

Here lies a country with large portions of land occupied by hostile neighbours.

Here lies a country forming the front of an emerging proxy war — with Turkey supporting one side, and Russia the other.

No, we’re not talking about Syria. We’re talking about Azerbaijan

How did we get here?

From time immemorial — people lived under governments whose right to rule them was based on the strength of their military. …

A look at some of the lesser-known people who call India home

In your mind’s eye — try and conjure up an image of your typical Indian person.

They probably look something like this:

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Straight or wavy black hair, brown eyes, sharp-ish facial features and brown skin.

You’d think that they were likely a Ganesh or Vishnu worshipping Hindu — though you might be aware that a great many are also Muslims and Sikhs.

Now, that might describe the majority of Indians — but in a nation of 1.4 …

This post serves as an index of my articles; grouped by topic

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Me - somewhere near Cusco

Hi and welcome to my little corner of the internet.

If you’ve stumbled across some of my posts and are keen to find out more — you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a list of my articles grouped by topic. They are listed in one of seven categories:

I hope you find something that is of interest, gives you pause for thought, or perhaps maybe even leads to you learning something new.

If you have any other thoughts, ideas or would just like to contact me — leave me a comment below or send me a private note.

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Thanks for dropping by. I really mean it.


Sydney, Australia — September 2020.

A tale of love, war, superstition and fishing

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Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection explains why and how Mother Nature made plants and animals to look and act the way they do.

Sometimes though — humans get in the way and mix things up. A theory of unnatural selection, if you will.

Below is one such example where human intervention inadvertently allowed a new species of crab to evolve in Japan, that resemble the faces of samurai warriors.

Once upon a time, there was a Japanese Emperor, Saga (~786–842CE), who spent a lot of time…*ahem*…enjoying the pleasures of court life.

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This resulted in him fathering some 50 children. Yeah, I know — you can write off the first 40 as accidents but after that — surely you’ve got to shoulder some of the blame. …

Pretty soon — you’ll have nanobots in your bloodstream doing the heavy lifting

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Floating through the air, lying on every surface and embedded in every handshake are trillions and trillions of germs.

You’re not being paranoid. They really are out to get you.

The thin blue line protecting your body from succumbing to these bacterial hordes is your immune system.

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The one you get out of the box as a newborn isn’t particularly strong.

While we now have various vaccinations and booster shots to help ward off some of the most horrific diseases out there, there are still plenty out there that can impair your quality of life or straight out kill you.

This is the 21st century, however — and we’re on the cusp of changing the game with some awesome new technology: Artificial Immune…

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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In 2014, the Hindu nationalist BJP party won the Indian general election — wresting control from the staunchly secular Indian National Congress (INC).

The prime minister elected at that time, Narendra Modi, was heralded as the long-awaited messiah of the Indian Right-wing. Since then — a personality cult and myth of sorts has risen around him.

Hate crimes seem to have been legitimized, a speight of laws have been passed that pave the way to strip Muslims of citizenship, and senior ministers regularly channel racist rhetoric.

To the casual observer, it may appear that Indians have embraced Hindu Nationalism en masse. …

The Americans, Chinese, North and South Koreans all have something to lose in the mix

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North Korea is a pariah state.

From the regular sabre rattling, through to horrific human rights violations — most people do not wish them well.

That does not mean, however, that anyone actually wants them to collapse. The reasons for this vary depending on your perspective. Let us consider the four key ones:

  • American
  • Chinese
  • South Korean
  • North Korean

The American Viewpoint

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Credit: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

A key part of being a superpower is to be able to project power. Especially into regions where players might be considered adversarial.

One such theatre is China.

The US has sought to contain them through a policy of encirclement. A critical pillar of this is the ~25,000 US troop deployment in South Korea. …


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